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Raja Joins Quiet Skies Caucus And Continues To Fight For Airport Noise Restrictions

March 16, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi reaffirmed his commitment today to protecting Americans from noise caused by aircraft and airports. Congressman Krishnamoorthi has already joined the Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus which seeks to raise awareness of and find solutions to the problem of aircraft noise. As a member of the House Oversight Committee, Congressman Krishnamoorthi also addressed the House on his proposal to preserve noise restrictions on airports.

“Many of my constituents who live near O’Hare International Airport need these restrictions to sleep through the night and for students to focus in school,” Congressman Krishnamoorthi said. “As a father of two boys attending elementary school and a 10-month old daughter, I can attest to the importance of uninterrupted sleep and education.”

“Noise rules are implemented after careful consideration and dialogue between local authorities and airports. Restrictions have a slight economic impact on air carriers, but the economic benefit of nearby communities significantly overshadow this. FAA restrictions are critical to defending citizens and businesses from the externalized effects of airport noise. These disturbances would harm surrounding property value, business development, and the health of the constituents within the 8th district.”