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Raja Calls for Attorney General Sessions to Recuse Himself from Investigation of Trump Administration’s Kremlin Ties

March 2, 2017
Press Release
Congressman Krishnamoorthi also called for the Attorney General to testify under oath as part of the investigation

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi issued the statement below in response to reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions made false statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his repeated meetings with Russian officials.

“Attorney General Sessions met repeatedly with an agent of the Kremlin and made false statement to his colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee by denying that any such meetings had occurred. The Attorney General must recuse himself from this investigation and testify under oath as to the extent of his contacts with Russian agents.

Both President Trump’s Attorney General and first National Security Advisor, General Flynn, were compromised through their interactions with Russian operatives and their subsequent false statements to representatives of our government about those meetings. When two members of the President’s Cabinet, key advisors during his campaign, have both repeatedly conversed with Russian officials and then cannot speak the truth to American officials about it, we are forced to question who else in the White House, the Cabinet, and the administration has maintained and concealed relationships with representatives of the Kremlin. We do not know how far or high this web of intrigue goes, what secrets were revealed, or what new risks they have wrought for our nation, but we must have answers.

In the face of these threats to our national security and the health of our democracy, we must have an immediate, full and thorough investigation into the ties between the Russian government and the Trump administration. I have called for an investigation by the House Oversight Committee, I have cosponsored legislation to form a bipartisan commission to investigate this issue, and I would welcome the appointment of an independent special prosecutor.