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Congressman Krishnamoorthi Requests Information From DNI Ratcliffe On Russian Use QAnon In Disinformation Efforts

October 19, 2020
Press Release

SCHAUMBURG, IL - Today, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi wrote to Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe regarding Russian attempts to use the QAnon conspiracy theory movement as an element of its disinformation campaign against the United States. The Congressman's letter is available here and its text follows. below.


October 19, 2020


The Honorable John Ratcliffe

Director of National Intelligence

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Washington, D.C. 20511


Dear Director Ratcliffe,

I am writing to express my strong concern regarding outside reports that Russian state-connected actors have amplified dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories. This is an issue of increasing importance as a number of public officials, including the President, have refused to denounce the movement while even praising its adherents.[1]

In the past few years, the QAnon conspiracy theory group has gained a foothold in the radical right-wing movement in the United States. Individuals participating in QAnon have widely advanced false narratives such as variations on age-old anti-Semitic conspiracies.[2] Beyond sharing false information, the movement’s followers have incited and participated in violence across the country.[3][4] As a result of this real-world violence, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have imposed restrictions on QAnon-related content.[5]

As you know, Russia interfered in the 2016 election and is doing so again.[6][7][8] It is therefore alarming that evidence is rapidly mounting that Kremlin-linked actors are propagating QAnon content on a widespread basis online.[9][10]

As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and in building on last week’s unclassified hearing with third-party experts on these threats, I request the following information:

  1. Any Intelligence Community analysis that addresses any aspect of the public reporting with respect to Russia potentially using QAnon as an element of its disinformation or foreign influence efforts.
  2. A description of any efforts the Intelligence Community is taking or has taken to assess whether Kremlin-linked actors are propagating,  amplifying, or otherwise engaging with QAnon content.

Given the importance of public information and education, I request an unclassified response to the above questions no later than October 30, 2020.



Raja Krishnamoorthi

Member of Congress



[6] Statement by NCSC Director William Evanina: Election Threat Update for the American Public. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, August 7, 2020.