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Congressman Krishnamoorthi Calls On President Biden To Not Reappoint USPS Board of Governors Chair And Move Toward Potential Removal Of Postmaster General DeJoy

November 4, 2021
Press Release
Rep. Krishnamoorthi Is The First Member Of Congress To Call For Not Reappointing Mr. Bloom To USPS Board of Governors, The Body That Can Fire PMG DeJoy

WASHINGTON – On November 1st, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi sent a letter to President Biden requesting that he not reappoint U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors Chairman Ron Bloom. Mr. Bloom’s term with the USPS Board of Governors expires in December, and President Biden has the power to reappoint a new member of the Board of Governors who is prepared to properly evaluate the USPS policies and leadership – including Postmaster General DeJoy.

“As a member of the USPS Board of Governors, Chairman Bloom was responsible for the selection of Postmaster General DeJoy as Postmaster General and enabled his misguided 10-year ‘Delivering for America’ plan,” Congressman Krishnamoorthi wrote. “This policy, which Chairman Bloom claimed, ‘has my fingerprints,’ lengthened the standard delivery time for approximately 30% of first-class mail and packages. In Chairman Bloom’s response to my October 20th letter, he noted that the service standard changes were essential to ensure ‘more reliable service.’ Unfortunately, the only manner in which the Postal Service has become more ‘reliable’ is to deliver mail reliably late. Despite Postmaster General DeJoy’s claims, this massive postal slowdown was not even financially justified. As Postal Regulatory Commissioner Ashley Poling put it, ‘the plan also fails to provide sufficient evidence to justify exceptionally limited cost savings projections.’”

This letter follows an October 20th letter that Rep. Krishnamoorthi sent to Mr. Bloom urging him to support a vote on the Board of Governors to fire Postmaster General DeJoy due to his failed policies and controversy-ridden tenure. Rep. Krishnamoorthi was disappointed with the response that Mr. Bloom provided him, indicating his unsubstantiated belief that Mr. DeJoy and his policies have been justified and successful.

“While Chairman Bloom may find the status quo acceptable, my constituents and tens of millions of Americans across our nation do not,” Congressman Krishnamoorthi wrote. “On behalf of all those Americans who are unsatisfied with the decline of the Postal Service under Postmaster General DeJoy’s leadership, I urge you to replace Chairman Bloom, when his term expires in December, with an individual ready to rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s leadership and policies.”

In addition to Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s letter to President Biden, 77 public interest groups have sent a letter to President Biden citing the need to not reappoint Mr. Bloom to the USPS Board of Governors in light of his blind commitment to Postmaster General DeJoy and his detrimental policies.

A copy of Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s letter to President Biden can be found here.